The Staff and Management at Groove Tunnel & Yoo-Star are proud to be of service at all times. Below are a set of frequently Asked Questions that we have assembled that may help you to quickly fill in the gaps for the information that you might be searching for! Just simply click on the arrow icons to reveal the FAQ answers!

Recording Studios tend to be a bit dirty & smelly?

‘It used to be normal for music places but things have improved immensely over the last decade since the Groove Tunnel ushered in a new age of rehearsal facility and other places had to up their game. The Groove Tunnel has always had great pride on our standard of cleanliness and you will not find any bad smells here. Climate control keeps the rooms warm and prevents damp so you can expect the utmost comfort.  Warm comfortable toilets too!’

Won’t there be a lot of noise from the Bands there in other spaces?

‘We have spent over £40k in sound proofing and acoustics for our studios so when the double doors and windows are closed, you are completely acoustically isolated. Of course we can’t guarantee that if the doors aren’t closed or if windows are open (we’ll bend over backwards to help you but we can’t alter the laws of physics!)’

How can you offer so much for less cost than everywhere else?

‘We have been in business for over 11 years and have paid off a lot of our start up costs. We plan to be in business for another 10 years at least so rather than trying to earn a quick buck we are happy to pass on our savings to our customers!’

Do you have safety features in place for the Children?

‘ Instead of standard electrical sockets, we have RCD SOCKETS throughout. Should you plug in a faulty piece of equipment (all ours are regularly tested so will be safe), this will cut off the power immediately. Even if they failed, we have high performance circuit breakers which are so sensitive they cut the lighting circuit for a room if a bulb blows. We also have fire extinguishers in every room, emergency lighting and monitored fire and intruder alarms. You couldn’t be safer here.

Is the Equipment clean to use safely?

‘We clean and sanitise our microphones and kit every week along with our headphones to prevent any risk of infection. Problems are more likely in a damp environment which the Groove Tunnel isn’t. You are, of course, very welcome however to bring your own microphone!’

Does there need to be an adult present for younger children?

‘We are very happy for adults to come along with children but if you’d like to go off and visit the nearby Ikea or get a coffee, all our staff are fully ‘Disclosure Scotland’ checked both for our own and of course the children’s safety!’

Are you good on First Aid etc?

‘Of course. We comply with and indeed exceed all local authority regulations so we have a number of first aid boxes as well as burns kits and an eye wash station. We prefer to avoid accidents however so we have risk assessments and all potential risks are identified and measures put in place to prevent. Our risk assessments are available to peruse on request.’

Do you have parking or a drop off zone nearby to get gear in easily?

‘We have our own private car park which is monitored with CCTV.’

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