For Hire (per session) Price:

£5 Hammond C3 & 145 Leslie Cab

£5 Nord Electro 2 Synth

£5 Yamaha P120S Stage Piano

£3 Snare Drum

£3 Cymbals

£5 For Snare Drum & Cymbals

£1 Double Keyboard Stand

£1 Guitar Leads, extra mics etc

£8 Drum mics and stands for recording

All rooms at the Groove Tunnel have Premier Cabria drum kits with 4000 series hardware which are maintained by Drum Central. These will be replaced early 2015 so if any drummers have any recommendations on what new kits to get, we’d love to hear any ideas from you.

All rooms have Yamaha 12 channel EMX 2000 powered mixers and Yamaha S15e speakers except the Modus room which has a Dynacord Powermate 600 10 channel powered mixer and super-duper Wharfedale Pro/EVP-S15 speakers.

All rooms come with 3 K&M microphone boom stands together with 3 SM58s and all the appropriate cabling that you will need.

All rooms have a Trace Elliot 715 GP7 150 watt bass combo.

All rooms have Marshall Valvestate 2000 guitar combos, Marshall Valvestate VS100 guitar combos, Trace Elliot Super Tramp guitar amps and Fender Roc Pro 1000 guitar combos. The Modus room also has a Fender Deluxe all valve guitar combo and a Roland KC500 Keyboard Amplifier.

Room 3 and the Modus room has a Hammond Organ in them available for hire. This is a C3 with a 145 Leslie.


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