Separate control room facing onto live room, adjoining large isolation room, 3 further isolation areas. Control room, live room & isolation room all connected via large acoustically sealed windows

State of the Art PC with MOTU 24 i/o interface running Steinberg Nuendo, Wavelab 6, huge selection of plugins

Tascam M3700 vintage Analogue mixing desk

Samson Studio Amplification (monitors, headphone amps & BeyerDynamic DT100 headphones)

Spirit Absolute 2 Monitors

Neumann, Rode, Audio Technics & Shure microphones

TL Audio, DBX & Focusrite Microphone Preamps

Drawmer, Focusrite & DBX Gates / Compressors / Limiters

Marantz CDR500 Professional CD Recorder/Player/Duplicator

Korg Triton, Roland JV, Nord Electro 3, Yamaha P120S Hardware Sound Sources

Wide variety of sample CDs and Soft Synths

Mapex Meridian Birch kits + 700 series hardware

Various Fender, Marshall, Trace Elliot and Roland Amplifiers

Hammond Organ C3 (1968) and 145 Leslie Cabinet (1965)

Pod Pro Guitar Effects

CD, DAT, Cassette and Video facilities

Sound to picture capability

Studio hire with engineer / producer or bring your own

Lounge area with refreshments

Clean and comfortable!


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